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Consume & enrich content



In today’s world, information is king. So much that we are constantly bombarded with content that makes us feel that if we do not consume it, we will miss out on something important.

Even though most of this content is unimportant, as a professional or student, it is critical to continue learning and challenging yourself.

Information can come in different forms, not only from books, ebooks and audiobooks but also podcasts, videos and other written articles such as blog posts.

Because your time is valuable and your schedule chaotic, the time you stumble upon an interesting piece is rarely the appropriate time to consume it, either because you have something more pressing to attend to or simply because you need your mind to be in a different state to properly absorb the information and make something out of it.

How can you save and catalog all the information that you would like to consume? And how do you enhance that experience to learn from the content and remember it on the long run.


You are casually browsing LinkedIn when you stumble upon a post from one of your connection mentioning an interesting article.

You open the article and discover that it is a lengthy piece. You know that in order to properly digest its content, you will need to fully concentrate and have the time to think about it.

Unfortunately, now is not the time!

How can you save the article for later, categorize it as business-related content, be reminded not to forget to read it and make the most of it to learn from it?