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Entrepreneurs are known to be especially good at learning anything quickly.

This is not a quality that too many people possess, as most people want to properly learn something before taking the risk of using that knowledge officially.

This characteristic is related to the Pareto (commonly known as the 80/20) rule where entrepreneurs, pressed by time, are able to produce 80% of the result with only 20% of the knowledge or time.

Unfortunately, you cannot duplicate yourself when you have many other areas of the company that require your attention.


You are the CEO of a young company of 4 and the only non-software-engineer of the bunch.

You are responsible from everything else, from the product, marketing, fund raising, hiring and the administrative aspects of the company.

To kickstart the marketing initiatives, you decide to start blogging and manage to get 2-3 articles per week out.

You are getting pretty good at this.

You start getting some inbound requests. It is time to onboard your first leads, get feedback to improve the product and close the deals during the trial period.

How can you do this while continuing to write the blog posts? Should you hire a salesperson to take over this new part of the business? Or hire a marketing person to take over the blogging.