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Protect your schedule



As a founder or CEO, you likely lack two things: money and time. While there is a solution (not always easy to find) to the first, the latter is way harder to come by.

Time is by far your most valuable resource and people keep wasting it.

If you want to stay in control of your time, you must carefully manage your schedule!

It has been shown that people have different chronotypes. Even though the term sounds fancy, it is just a way to say that some people prefer to focus in the morning while other are night owls. In other words, your body has a schedule of its own.

You need to be aware of your energy throughout the day and to try to organize your different activities according to it.


One morning you receive two emails.

One is about another startup founder who would like to catch up over breakfast.

The other email is from an investor flying from abroad and spending two days in your city. He offers to meet with you on Thursday morning.

How should you manage those two cases?