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Tools to help centralize information


Recently, numerous tools have been developed to centralize information. And the most established ones have launched integrations allowing to import items from other products and services.

While a universal solution does not exist for centralization, a few duct tape solutions can be achieved through tools like Zapier and Integromat (now Make).


Routine is a productivity app that combines calendar, task, note and contact management.

One of the promises of the service is to allow the user to centralize all her tasks in a single workspace in order to easily overview all the work to consider at any given time.

The tasks of the week are listed on the left-hand side while the tasks scheduled for a specific day are displayed underneath each day of the week.

By centralizing all the tasks from project management, chat and email tools, the user can better plan her work and organize her time.

🌐 Website: https://www.routine.co

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Asana is a project management service that is used by teams around the world to organize themselves in a collaborative way.

Even though Asana has not been designed for personal productivity, many people adopted it as their favorite tool for organizing their life.

Because Asana supports hundreds of integrations, chances are that you can connect your favorite services (chat, email etc.) in order to bring all your tasks to your Asana workspace.

The example below shows Asana’s Gmail integration which allows turning an email into a task right from the Gmail interface.

If you are already using a project management tool like Asana in your company and would like to use it for your personal organization, connecting those services could be the solution.

The major limitation from such project management platforms comes from the fact that they focus on task management or notes management, usually not allowing for both. In addition, they rarely integrate fully with your calendar for you to easily plan your work in relation to the time at your disposal.

🌐 Website: https://asana.com

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Zapier is a service that allows anyone to create workflows based on their favorite tools.

By leveraging the power of APIs (Application Programming Interface), anyone can build a step-by-step process taking information from one service, passing it to another etc. in order to build a fully automated workflow.

Because Zapier supports 4000+ services, the possibilities are literally limitless.

Popular automations include creating an entry in a task management system following the starring of an email, a chat message or else.

But anyone can take it up a notch and perform custom operations through basic boolean logic (if/then/else). Zapier also provides basic computations functionalities like formatting text, filtering information and many more.

🌐 Website: https://zapier.com

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