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Tools to help prepare the agenda


In the context of meeting preparation, the tools should allow you to easily define an agenda with the topics to discuss and to share it ahead of the meeting.


Fellow is a meeting management software built for managers.

Through its a web service, anyone can start preparing a meeting by defining talking points and assigning them to someone in particular. The agenda can then be shared with the participants by email, on Slack or even through a link.

Anyone can comment on the talking point ahead of the meeting or even add talking points.

🌐 Website: https://fellow.app

💡 Alternatives:


Notion is a collaborative service teams use to stay in sync.

Notion has not been designed to manage meetings but it could be used to write down the topics to be discussed and for the participants to collaboratively define the agenda ahead of the meeting.

🌐 Website: https://www.notion.so

💡 Alternatives: