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Tools to help prioritize your work


The products that provide a way to prioritize are often equipped with time management functionalities. Some go as far as to integrate with your calendar while other take more of a visual approach for users to plan.


Routine is a modern calendar application that also has task and notes management functionalities.

This productivity app helps busy professionals manage their work and optimize their time.

One of its most differentiating functionality is the way planning works.

For one, there is no Snooze functionality which is uncommon for a task management tools. Instead, Routine provides a Postpone feature. Even though it sounds similar (and it is!), the result is quite different. While snoozing a task puts it in a specific day, usually next Monday, postponing a task puts it in a specific week.

In addition to postponing, Routine does not roll over the tasks that the user fails to complete to the next day. Instead, Routine puts the task back in the list associated with the current week for the user to reconsider it.

Routine displays the tasks of the week next to the calendar events for the user to better plan her week.

Finally, Routine provides time blocking functionalities, either direct by drag & dropping a task into the calendar or by relying on its smart scheduling mechanism to find the best time automatically.

🌐 Website: https://www.routine.co

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