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Tools to help review your commitments


Some tools are specialized in personal analytics related to how one spends his or her time. Such tools are particularly useful to freelancers who need to precisely track how much time they spend on which project for which client. But they can also be used by any knowledge worker interested in staying in control.


RescueTime is a small desktop app that monitors how much time you spend focusing on work against attending meetings. The app also pushes you to stay focused to achieve your goals.

The app then provides you with a detailed analysis of your time for you to learn and improve upon based on that data.

🌐 Website: https://www.rescuetime.com

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Todoist is a task management app with a lot of functionalities and integrations.

Among those functionalities are built-in analytics. As you can see below, Todoist provides the user with a screen summarizing your productivity on a daily and weekly basis.

In addition, Todoist has introduced a concept which is quite unique: Karma points. In order to incite users to keep up with their good habits, whenever users complete tasks, use advanced functionalities like tags, filters etc. they earn Karma points. On the other hand, if one has tasks that have been overdue for 4 days in a row, he or she will lose some points.

Unfortunately, Todoist analytics system is very much centered around tasks and does not take into account meetings or other activities.

🌐 Website: https://todoist.com

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