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Tools to help run effective meetings


Tools for running meetings must make it easy to take notes, define action items and assign them for those to be tracked.


Fellow is an online service that allows managers to organize and run meetings effectively.

For every meeting, one can define action items and then operate them. Those include assigning it to someone in your team, setting a due date or even deciding that the task is no longer relevant (Mark as Won’t Do).

Everyone can comment on the action items and offer suggestions.

One can then see the action items assigned to them in the screen “My action items” in order to track and act upon them.

🌐 Website: https://fellow.app

💡 Alternatives:


Notion is a project and knowledge base management service that allows teams to collaborate.

Even though Notion is not natively synchronized with your calendar, Notion’s versatility makes it a real candidate when it comes to taking meeting notes, defining and assigning action items and sharing minutes of the meeting with a set of collaborators.

Because Notion does not have the special objects like tasks or due dates, the user will likely have to convert the action items into items in a database representing tasks that the whole company or department is tracking.

🌐 Website: https://www.notion.so

💡 Alternatives: