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Routine is a task management app that also integrates with your calendar while supporting notes taking and contacts management.

This productivity app is designed around two pillars. On one side, Routine is equipped with a lot of planning functionalities that have been covered in previous sections, from the Planner screen which combines a calendar with your tasks of the week, the postpone functionality and the disabled automatic roll-over of uncompleted tasks.

On the other hand, Routine has been designed to help you define what to work on today and focus on those. Routine comes with a dedicated screen representing your tasks and events of the day.

The "Today" screen is particularly adapted to applying methodologies that have been covered previously, from Eat the Frog, The Ivy Lee method, Highlight and many more.

In addition, Routine’s global keyboard shortcut can be used to open what they call the Dashboard which summarizes the key information of the moment: tasks and events of the day, daily notes and console to capture thoughts, schedule meetings etc.

🌐 Website: https://www.routine.co

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