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Unload your brain



As a person in charge of running a company, a lot of things are constantly flowing through your brain, things that need your attention, an idea that you have when walking, a person you forgot to follow up with etc.

Those thoughts are inevitable. It is a good thing your brain is wandering. What is not good is to use your brain to remember things. Your brain is a magical tool to invent but is a very fallible machine for remembering and organizing information.

Also, keeping information in your brain always comes with the risk of forgetting something that could be important. This unconsciously generates stress that impacts your ability to think about something else.


You are walking to your next meeting and think of something that you need to do urgently.

Unfortunately, your meeting is super important and starts in 30 seconds.

You stress that you will forget to do it, once the meeting is over.

How will you remember it?