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Tactics to help delegate tasks


Do, then delegate

Strong entrepreneurs do not to lie to themselves thinking that hiring someone will make their problems go away.

Instead, they first get their hands dirty to really understand the problem be it in marketing, hiring or sales. That is the quick learning aspect described earlier.

Then, instead of resting on her laurels, the entrepreneur hires or delegate because, now that she understands how to do it, it is a lot easier to manage another person doing it.

At this point, you must accept that things might not go as quickly as expected because the person you are delegating to first needs to learn to work on the topic and collaborate with you before yielding results.

Long story short, do not lie to yourself and get your hands dirty to get familiar with the fundamentals of a topic. Then, do not stay in your comfort zone wanting to perfect this new knowledge.

When you feel that it is time to scale this aspect of the company or because there are other more pressing matters, delegate the workload to someone else, assuming you have the resources of course.


Delegating a specific task to someone is just one part. You need to make the effort of reviewing the work and provide feedback.

This is particularly important at the beginning to make sure the person you are delegating to understands how you work and what you expect.

Try to use tools that help you isolate the tasks that need reviewing from others.